Monday, 25 November 2013

Narrative writing(Haunted High School)

Choose a setting to write about...
Use this picture to create a narrative story.
  • Figurative Language
  • Sentence Lengths (short, middle, long)
  • Structure (O, P, S, R)
  • Precise (interesting) words
  • Speaking parts between characters
  • Character and Setting descriptions!

Start here:
It was one day in college.
There was 2 boys named Jack and Jeff.
Jeff had black hair that was sharp and he also had white skin and blue eyes.
Jack had black hair that was sharp and he also had tan skin and brown eyes.
One day Jack and Jeff went out for a walk when they walked passed a high school that looked like it was haunted.
They wanted to go into the school but they were too scared.
Jeff said to Jack”your scared to go near the school”.
Jack said”no im not”.
Jeff and Jack both went home and got a bag out with stuff they got from all over the world.
They got out a gun that said”ghost gun for sucking in ghost”.
They both left their house and went to the school.
When they got there they kicked down the wooden door and went in.

When they got in Jack was grabbed from something but the thing that grabbed him was invisible.
Jeff pulled out the ghost sucking gun and sucked the ghost in.
When the ghost was sucked in they both ran to a door that lead into a room.
In the room they could see lots of desk and other stuff floating in the air.
They opened the door and started using the ghost sucking gun.
All the stuff that was floating in the air was now smashed up on the floor.
They both ran out of the first room and into the next one.
In the next room there was more floating stuff but this time there was a little boy in the corner of the room.
He was crying but in front of him was a floating knife.
The knife was almost going to be inside of him when Jack and Jeff jumped in and sucked all the ghost in and then saved the little boy.

All the ghost was now in the ghost sucking gun and Jeff and Jack went home safely.

Jeff said to Jack”What's going to happen now.

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