Monday, 29 October 2012

I hear a whisper but no one was there...

It Was one dark scary night 2 boys that was  10 and 11 namEd KravEn and Kini.

KravEn had aqua EyEs blue hair and whitE skin

Kini had aqua EyEs green hair and whitE skin

On night they in their beds reading books when suddenly they heard a bang “Kraven said it camE from down stair”.

So when Kini went with Kraven to check on who was down stair’ no one was there until they went into the kitchen  the window was smashed and the fridge door was open and then once again they heard a scream it came from in the sitting room when they got in there the lights was swing back and fords they and then the next thing you know there was whispering but no one was there until Kraven saw a demon and said “ahhh there is a demon behind you Kini.

Then the next thing you know Kini fell straight to the ground the demon was gone because the sun was and Kraven was staring at Kini and then Kraven started crying and then Kinis friend came over and knocked on the door Kraven went and open the door it was Joaquin he came and was standing by the door he dropped his bags and started crying and that was when Joaquins mum was just leaving when Kraven stopped her car and told her to come and have a look inside when  she got inside she called the police and the ambulance they came in 2 minutes and took Kini to the hospital  he wasn't breathing but his eyes were still open eyes and the mum and dad came in “said move out of my way....
And that is why you should never live in a huge house like Kini and Kravens house...

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