Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Narrative Writing -Playing

One day there was 2 boys playing soccer. There names were Joaquin and Rex. Joaquin had aqua eyes,blue hair and tan skin. Rex had aqua eyes, blonde hair and brown skin.

When they were playing soccer Joaquin kicked the ball over to the doghouse and Rex got all  angry and pushed him so at school “Rex said that he was going to smash Joaquin and Joaquin said I don't care”.

So after school Rex was getting ready to give Joaquin a hiding  and that was when the teacher came out and said what is all of this noise then she screamed and ran back in the classroom and when Joaquin was coming out of class he ran all the way home and Rex did not see him at all so when Rex came out he “said where's Joaquin and they all said he ran home”.

So Rex was waiting for him in the morning at but Joaquin did not come to school there was a note saying that Joaquin was leaving to go play in soccer champions were there was a lot of people and he was playing in Canada.

Rex was so angry that he wanted to go to Joaquin’s room and break everything in his room but there was nothing in his room only the spider man poster that he had left for Rex.

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