Wednesday, 30 October 2013

My Narrative Writing

Start here:It was one sunny day samoa where there was one 24 year old adult and one 13 year old boy.
There names were Jake and Sharon.
In samoa while Sharon was taking Jake out for a swim they heard a terrible sound of buildings crashing down and people screaming running towards the underground cave.
When Sharon and Jake looked around the corner of a building they saw that there was a GIGANTIC monster mouth eating TSUNAMI rushing towards them.
Sharon told Jake to follow her to the underground cave so that they would not die.
Sharon and Jake were running so fast that Jake fell over.
When Jake fell over Sharon quickly stopped and picked up Jake and put him on her shoulders.
While Sharon was running with Jake on her shoulders she saw that there was another TSUNAMI rushing at them.
When Sharon stopped Jake woke up and jumped off Sharons shoulders and when Jake was standing he said to Sharon”that there was a book I was reading and it was about how to escape a TSUNAMI”.
Sharon said to Jake”how do you escape one then”.
Jake said”look for a building that has a broken wall”.
While they were looking for broken wall Jake saw one and told Sharon to follow him.
Sharon follow him and when they got into the broken wall they were safe,but then they heard a sound.
It sounded like the TSUNAMI trying to destroy them.
Sharon said to Jake”lets go out the same whole we came in”.
Jake said”ok then”.
They both ran out and got away.
When they got out they ran to the underground cave.
They made it to the cave and they were also safe.
The next day they came out and looked around.
Jake said to Sharon”WHAT'S NEXT!”.

The end.

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  1. One thing I love about your narrative story is the way you made the powerful words big and bold to show the expression.

    My favourite sentence of your story is there was a GIGANTIC monster mouth eating TSUNAMI rushing towards them.

    One thing I think you could work on next time is to use some paragraphs to show the orientation problem and solution