Thursday, 2 August 2012

Cavhyon- cypress taylor and willy narrative

Tuesday 31th july
WALT:write a narrative using the T.O.P.S. structure.
Dear willy.

It was one great sunny bright day for 3 boys were walking to the beach.There name was cypress willy and taylor they were going to the beach to sell some fruit.

On the way to the beach they didn't notice that there was a hole in their basket when they got to the beach they went to put the basket on the they saw that they had no fruit and they said oh no where did our fruit go.

On the way back they saw that people were eating their fruit and they were sad because there was no more fruit they cried and cried until a man came across and said would you like a new basket and so fruit and this time on the way back to the beach now knew that people would help them when they have no fruit to sell for dinner and shopping.

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