Friday, 19 September 2014

A-Z Alphabetical List about the sea

WALT:Create a alphabetical list about the sea and ocean.
A- Arctic Ocean
B- Bumided Triangle
C- Carpet Shark
D- Deep Sea
E- Eggs
F- Fish
G- Gold
H- Horsehead Crab
I- Indian Ocean
J- Jawfish
K- Kina
L- Lost City
M- Manta Ray
N- Narwhale
O- Ocean
P- Pacific Ocean
Q- Queen Conch
R- Reefs
S- Southern Ocean
T- Tiger Shark
U- Urchin
V- Vampire Squid
W- Western Ocean
X- X Ray Fish
Y- Yellowtail Fish

Z- Zebrafish

This is a alphabetical list in order from A-Z about Tagata O Le Moana which is People Of The Sea.

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