Wednesday, 11 September 2013

The Zoo was in an Uproar!


  1. Cavhyon! FABULOUS posting - I've noticed that you have past 200 BLOG posts - well done!
    I love this poem - maybe next time you could put each line of the poem on a new line, so that the poem makes sense! Otherwise it looks like a story!
    I look forward to you next century of blog posts :>

  2. Hello Cavhyon
    it is nice to know that you have posted 200 blog post.Keep bogging well.Your poem of the week is really eye catching and colourful Awesome.

  3. Hello Cavhyon,

    It look very pretty and tidy. I like the way you used powerful word to make you work inspire other people when they look through your blog Nice Job Cavhyon keep it going

  4. Cool story about the zoo keep it up